This generator is used to make fully customizable holograms!
Just follow the instructions given and click generate!

Use the chart below for color codes!

§0 Black §1 Dark Blue §2 Dark Green §3 Dark Aqua
§4 Dark Red §5 Dark Purple §6 Gold §7 Gray
§8 Dark Gray §9 Blue §a Green §b Aqua
§c Red §d Light Purple §e Yellow §f White

If you want a blank row, enter <> for that row. You MUST check "Uses formatting codes" to use a blank line!

To add a new line just press the "Return" button on your keyboard. On Windows, English, its the Enter key (not sure if its different else where)

Hologram will be spawned at the location of the closest player :) stand where you want your hologram.

Hologram text:

Do NOT use single or double quotes! They will mess up the generation!

Preview is a bit bugged when using §o §m and §n formats. This is only a visual bug on the previews part, the hologram will not follow the same bug.

Copy and paste this command into commandblock: